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Reblog if Chris Evans boobs are better than yours
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Real Friends - Everyone That Dragged You Here
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9.6.14 Johannesburg
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Slowmotion Tattoo
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Facts About Me

Hio Ohio I'm Keonda
A third year college student, 20 years old, feminist, bisexual, if I'm not online; I'm probably on twitter.

This Blog

A bit of everything
I lied, this blog is a lot of everything. Whatever I like. Plenty of different things, a whole lot of Fifth Harmony.

Current Favorites

No Good Deed
The Outsiders

Upcoming Concerts

Neon Trees-PASSED
Modest Mouse-PASSED
The 1975-PASSED
Warped Tour-PASSED
PTV-November 16


Demi Lovato
"Nobody has the right to take your power away-it is yours and yours alone."